On your Marks: Kicking off the 3rd Valencian Summer School in Machine Learning

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The dates are set, the applications are in, the attendee list is finalized, travel plans are made, the curriculum is ready to rock-and-roll and so are we for this week’s VSSML17. At BigML, we believe in the power of education when it comes to widening the impact zone of Machine Learning across the global economy. As cliché as it sounds, Machine Learning is truly changing the world in front of our eyes, except it is doing so in few corners of the planet, beige cubicles, and data centers hidden away from our everyday stomping grounds. So what to do to make it mainstream? Easy, just pack all the basics into a 2-day crash course and invite the whole world to it! That’s precisely what we’ll be doing later this week for the 3rd time in Valencia, Spain.

VSSML'17 Veles e Vents

Every year we find new reasons to get excited about what can be achieved by bringing people together from far flung places of the “3rd rock”, giving them a solid understanding of how they can set up a business problem, tame relevant data into a proper structure, and apply best-practices Machine Learning to arrive at unique and actionable insights that can be used not only to better interpret what happened in the past but also to predict the future.

A highlight of this year’s event will be a special talk given by Enrique Dans, BigML’s Strategic Advisor, prolific Spanish blogger, and IE Business School Professor. On September 14 at 06:00 PM CEST, Enrique Dans will explain how Machine Learning is transforming business organizations around the world. 

This year’s edition also holds a few changes to the format including:

  • The BigML Genius Bar: we will be setting up a separate area staffed with our resident experts, who will gladly tailor the discussion to your business needs and your use cases for 30-minutes.
  • Morning Runs: runners will meet before lectures start on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th at the Hemisfèric IMAX, in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, Spain at 06:30 AM CEST. We will go for a pleasant 30 minute-run along the Turia Gardens, one of the largest urban parks in Spain!
  • “Graduation” Cocktail: as the event wraps up, we will celebrate over some drinks close to the venue. This is a great opportunity to say goodbyes and provide feedback on ways to improve next year’s event.

We’re very excited to meet over 200 BigMLers this Thursday, who are coming from 14 countries and are representing 92 companies and 28 academic institutions.


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