Joint Webinar Video: BigML Machine Learning meets Trifacta Data Wrangling

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Yesterday we hosted a joint webinar with Trifacta to showcase how seamlessly both platforms fit together in turning raw data into real-life predictive use cases. What makes these tools special is their emphasis on ease of use, making Machine Learning viable for significantly more professionals than ever before. These developers, analyst and business experts routinely work with critical business data sources yet they lack the deep data engineering and/or Machine Learning technical skills that have been darn hard to acquire and retain for organizations that are not named Google or Facebook.

To solidify these benefits, Poul Petersen, BigML’s Chief Infrastructure Officer, and Victor Coustenoble, Technical Regional Manager EMEA at Trifacta, presented a live demo on how to solve a loan risk analysis use case. Special thanks to hundreds of curious minds that registered, attended and asked questions during the webinar. We know some of you couldn’t make it due to conflicts and others found out after the deadline. Don’t fret, you can now watch the full webinar recording on the BigML Youtube channel.

The accompanying presentations are also accessible on the BigML SlideShare page. As you will also find out in the recording, it doesn’t take much to leave behind the inertia and make a dash for sharpening your data wrangling and Machine Learning skills since both Trifacta and BigML offer FREE versions.

Stay tuned for future webinars with concrete examples of how to transform your data to actionable business insights. As always, let us know if there is a specific topic or technique you’d like to see covered next.

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