PAPIs Connect 2017 – Call for Proposals

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PAPIs Connect, Latin America’s 1st conference on real-world Machine Learning applications goes to São Paulo, Brazil, on June 21-22, 2017. We are now calling for proposals to select the best talks, ideas and applications that will be shown at the Telefonica Auditorium.

PAPIs Connect is a series of more localized events that run in between the annual PAPIs conference events, the International Conference on Predictive Applications and APIs. PAPIs Connect is followed by those decision makers and developers who are interested in building real-world intelligent applications and want to find out about the latest technology.

Are you passionate about technology and predictive applications? Would you like the world to know of your contribution to the practice of Artificial Intelligence? Then, this is your place to be!

We are always excited to see practical presentations about:

  • Innovative Machine Learning use cases
  • Challenges and lessons learnt in integrating Machine Learning into various applications / processes / businesses and new areas; this can include technical and domain-specific challenges, as well as those related to fairness, accountability, transparency, privacy, etc.
  • Techniques, architectures, infrastructures, pipelines, frameworks, API design to create better predictive / intelligent applications (from embedded to web-scale)
  • Tools to democratize Machine Learning and make it easier to build into products
  • Needs, trends, opportunities in this space
  • Tutorials that teach a specific and valuable skill

If you think you can be a good candidate, please submit your proposal before April 23, 12:00 AM (São Paulo BRT / GMT -3) and share your story with a great audience that will appreciate innovation as much as you do.

AI Startup Battle

The attendees at PAPIs Connect will also enjoy the 5th edition of our Artificial Intelligence Startup Battle, where there will not be any human intervention. The jury is an algorithm and will predict the probability of success of the early stage startups competing on stage. To know more about the format of the battle, please check our previous AI Startup Battles: the world premiere took place in Valencia, Spain, on March 2016 at PAPIs Connect, the second one in Boston, US, on October 2016 at PAPIs, the third one in São Paulo, Brazil, on December 2016, and the fourth one in Barcelona, Spain at the 4YFN.

These competitions have been powered by PreSeries, the automated platform to discover, evaluate, and monitor early stage investments, a joint venture between BigML and Telefónica Open Future_. We will announce all the details for the fifth edition soon. Stay tuned!

Previous PAPIs and PAPIs Connect Conferences

The PAPIs conference series started in November 2014 in Barcelona. Since then, PAPIs and PAPIs Connect have traveled around the world, providing interesting talks to a distinguished audience in Boston, Sydney, Barcelona, Paris and Valencia. The next stop will be São Paulo in June 2017 and Boston in October 2017. Please visit the PAPIs website for further details.

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