BigML Certifications are Here!

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At BigML, we believe that the best way to add business value is by showing and not just telling what is possible via Machine Learning techniques. This has been the main reason why we prefer to give our user community free and easy access to our full-featured platform without having to fill out endless online forms to even get a glimpse. BigML has also been practicing what it preaches on the “getting hands-on” front when it comes to actively helping our customers launch their first Machine Learning use cases built on our platform.

BigML Certifications

As happy as we are in seeing customers grow the application areas of Machine Learning in their organizations, we can’t help but notice that many more customers are requesting BigML to get involved in their projects.  With this heightened awareness, BigML has set its sights to systematically address the need to certify our partners, which has led to today’s announcement of BigML Certifications.  This is a great opportunity for BigML partners to demonstrate their mastery of the rapidly growing BigML Machine Learning-as-a-Service platform while further differentiating themselves from competitive analytical services organizations offering more arcane methods relying on traditional statistical analysis tools.

Not yet a BigML partner? Well, what are you waiting for?  Contact us today to find out more on how the new wave Machine Learning-as-a-Service platforms can help you deliver actionable insights and real-world smart applications to your clients in days or weeks, and not months or years!

BigML Certifications come in two flavors: BigML Certified Engineer and BigML Certified Architect. In order to be eligible to enroll into the BigML Certified Engineer courses you must show certain level of proficiency in Machine Learning, BigML Dashboard, BigML API, and WhizzML. The following getting started assets will help you to get up and running in no time: Tutorials, API documentation, and WhizzML.

BigML Certified Engineer

This certification track prepares analysts, scientists, and software developers to become BigML Certified Engineers. Topics covered include:

  • Advanced Data Transformations for Machine Learning (3 hours)
  • Advanced Modeling (3 hours)
  • Advanced API (3 hours)
  • Advanced WhizzML (3 hours)
  • EXAM (3 hours)

BigML Certified Architect

This certification track prepares BigML Certified Engineers to become BigML Certified Architects. Once you’ve successfully passed the BigML Certified Engineer Exam, you are eligible to enroll into the BigML Certified Architect Courses. Topics covered include:

  • Designing Large-Scale Machine Learning Solutions (3 hours)
  • Measuring the Impact of Machine Learning Solutions (3 hours)
  • Using Machine Learning to Solve Machine Learning Problems (3 hours)
  • Lessons Learned Implementing Machine Learning Solutions (3 hours)
  • EXAM (3 hours)

Be sure to check out the page about our certification program for more on pricing and to pre-order yours.  As always, let us know if you have any special needs or feedback.

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