PAPIs 2016 – Call for Proposals Deadline is This Friday!

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PAPIs 2016 Boston

2016 marks the first year is making it across the Atlantic to Boston. The conference will take place on October 10-12, 2016, and the deadline for proposals is this Friday.  As a founding member and initial sponsor of, BigML will be actively participating in this third edition too. Besides BigML, last year’s event in Sydney included presenters from large tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA as well as key government organizations and innovative startups focusing on Machine Learning.

PAPIs remains the premier forum for the presentation of new machine learning APIs, techniques, architectures and tools to build predictive applications. It is a community conference that brings together practitioners from industry, government and academia to present new developments, identify new needs and trends, and discuss the challenges of building real-world predictive, intelligent applications.

This year’s conference program will feature 4 types of presentations:

  • Technical and Business Talks (e.g., use cases, innovations, challenges, lessons learnt)
  • Tutorials
  • Research Presentations
  • Startup Pitches (as part of the AI Startup Battle)

As evidenced by 700+ attendees came from 25 different countries to 4 previous events, presenting at the conference is a great way to share your learnings, showcase leadership on behalf of your organization, and engage with likeminded peers. With the aim of a diverse and creative line-up of speakers, the organizing committee is welcoming practical presentations on a wide range of experience levels — from beginner-friendly how-to’s to cautionary tales to deep dives for experienced professionals.

Please follow these guidelines for the best chance of having your proposal selected. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to email the orginizers at

We’re looking forward to receiving your best proposals!

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