Machine Learning with Python at PyConES 2015

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Since we established our new European Headquarters in Valencia last July, we have been carrying the Machine Learning banner at all major tech events in the city.  This time we were proud sponsors of the third edition of PyConES, the marquee Python event held in Spain. During the weekend event, almost 400 developers attended the conference.  Many stopped by the BigML stand to pick up a BigML t-shirt and most stuck around to find out how they can up their Machine Learning game while working in their favorite software development ecosystem.


Mercè Martín Prats, our VP of Insights and Applications, gave a very popular Machine Learning crash course, which is further evidence of the subject’s meteoric rise in developer communities.  This is music to our ears as we have been on this bandwagon since our inception four years ago.  We truly believe that the days when Machine Learning will be an integral skill set for any developer worth their salt are not too far off.  After all, Machine Learning is another way to elegantly solve real-life problems by way of leveraging ever cheaper computing power. So, why exclude capable techies willing to learn and instead opt to limit its use to a select few academically minded researchers? It just does not make any sense.

During her presentation, Mercè dove right into the Python code, demonstrating the steps to follow in using BigML’s REST API from within your Python environment that let’s you remotely manage BigML’s Machine Learning resources programmatically. Also among the topics she covered was BigMLer, our command line tool built on our Python bindings. With BigMLer you can automate even complex Machine Learning workflows with few lines of code. It is poetry in minimalism!

We would like to thank the community for the great questions covering critical aspects such as service architecture, scalability and the model optimization controls in addition to all their positive feedback . We are looking forward to add to the Python cause in the future iterations of the event.  If you would like to contribute to BigML’s Python projects or if you missed the chance to grab a t-shirt at the event, just give us a holler on Twitter and we will projectile one your way in quick succession.

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