The Past, Present, and Future of Machine Learning APIs

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Today our very own José A. “jao” Ortega will be presenting on ‘The Past, Present, and Future of Machine Learning APIs’ at the APIDays Mediterranea & API Words event taking place in Barcelona, Spain.  This event is part of an independent conference series dedicated to APIs, Natural Language Processing and Language Technology.  During the two-day conference representatives from startups, corporations and those involved in the API industry will have a chance to discuss, learn and share about the future and business of APIs.

APIDays Mediterranea

As the event organizers suggest Web 1.0 was readable, Web 2.0 was social and now the web is PROGRAMMABLE through APIs. Since 2011, BigML has worked to implement our similar vision of a programmable web powered by a seamless machine learning layer in the cloud.  Jao’s presentation delves deep into the origins of machine learning – including current success stories and challenges it faces in making an impact in the “real world” as well as the bold ideas on the future direction in the space. The presentation’s emphasis is on machine learning being easily embedded in future smart apps able to adapt themselves to their context in real-time as new information arrives.  Simplicity, programmability, importability / exportability, composability, specialization and standardization will all play big parts in making this future vision come alive.  We truly believe this is the dawn of a new era for the Internet and the digital economy that it has bred.  Machine Learning APIs will be the disruptive force behind this new movement and innovators from all corners of the world are already in on the secret.

As it’s likely that many of you won’t have a chance to be in Barcelona in person, we are posting Jao’s presentation on Slideshare.  Let us know of your thoughts and better yet let us know how BigML can be part of your dream!

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