Google Cloud + BigML = Easier Machine Learning!

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Attention Google power users: We have made a number of improvements to make BigML more compatible with Google services for your convenience.  Google Cloud is becoming the fastest growing cloud provider.  As such, we have been receiving requests from users all over the world, so we finally got our clue.

For starters, in addition to Amazon and GitHub, you can now login to BigML with your Google ID. Click on the Google option under the Login button and you will be authenticating right in to start with your machine learning project.

Login Google

Since our aim is to make it super easy to upload your data to BigML regardless of your cloud provider, we have added both Google Drive and Google Storage support as well. Similar to our integrations with Azure Marketplace and Dropbox, connecting to your cloud storage only takes few clicks starting from the cloud icon located on the Sources tab.

Google Drive I

The first time you go through this flow, you will be asked to allow BigML to access your Google Drive or Storage, which automatically generates and displays an access token.

Google Drive II

Next time you want to access one of your data sources stored on Google, you can use the same menu on the Sources tab and it will bring up all your folders on a modal window as shown below.

Google Drive III

Select the one you are interested in and it will be uploaded as a new source on BigML right away.  So you are off to the races with your machine learning project just like that.

Let us know how this works out for you. If you like it, please give a shout out to other fellow Google users, so they too can take advantage of it.


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