BigML in Texas: AAAI 2015

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This past week BigML was a proud sponsor of the 29th Annual AAAI Conference in Austin, TX. The conference drew over 1,200 attendees with members from across the AI community: AI researchers to practitioners to scientists and engineers. The program was filled with incredible presentations, discussions and professionals passionate about what they do. The main conference hall was buzzing at all hours of the day and BigML was right in the middle of it giving live demonstrations of our powerful platform and discussing all facets of machine learning with students, professors,  and seasoned AI professionals, alike.

Aside from the generous servings of coffee and donuts, we are very fortunate to have interacted with such a talented community! Read more about our adventures below!

ACM SIGAI Career Panel

At one point in our lives we’ve all been there, searching for a job in an often precarious job market. Writing and re-writing resumes, submitting job applications, exhausting your personal network and hoping for that phone call back. It can be a daunting and unflattering experience but once you receive that job offer, all the hard work you put in comes full circle. Once on the other side of the desk, so to speak, it’s often easy to overlook your past experience. However, it’s always important to give back and put yourself in a position where you can help those who are sitting exactly where you once were.

BigML had the opportunity to do just that this week. Poul Petersen, CIO of BigML, was selected to be a panelist for the AMC SIGAI Career Panel hosted by SIGAI in Austin. Poul was one of the experts seated alongside Peter Clark from the Allen Institute for AI, Eric Horvitz from Microsoft Research, and Ben Kuperman from Oberlin College; each bringing their own unique perspective to the table. The goal of the event was for the panelists to engage with the 40+ senior PhD’s and post-doctorates in order to address their questions and concerns about the AI job market, applying for the right position, career planning and positioning for success. All too often workshops such as these are overlooked and we are proud to have participated in helping the next generation of AI professionals take the appropriate steps in reaching their dream job! Below are a few quick insights regarding the size and importance of AI in the job market:

  • There are more than 26,000 computer and information science researchers in the US
  • Artificial Intelligence is growing by 20% annually
  • Since 2012, more than 170 AI dedicated start-ups have entered the market
  • VC’s pledged $188M to AI companies in Q4 2014
  • Top U.S. salaries are reported in California, Texas, the Northwest, and the Northeast (MA to VA) with an overall median base salary of $105k.

BigML Meet-Up: Austin Data Geeks!

Not only is the AI scene ingrained in the city, but the technology industry itself has also found a home in Austin. In recent years, Austin was the foundation of four start-ups that were either acquired or reached public offering at more than $1 billion each. In addition, in Q1 2014 Austin based start-ups received more than $350 million in VC funding. This city is bursting with opportunity.

IMG_0399 IMG_0402

So, it’s no wonder that we were thrilled to participate in a MeetUp in such a vibrant and active community. The amount of talent and excitement around technology made it a perfect fit for us. BigML sat down with the Austin Data Geeks at RackSpace to discuss our platform. The meet-up drew 60+ attendees from Austin-area technology companies, start-ups and all around tech enthusiasts! The session was very interactive and Poul Petersen, CIO of BigML, gave a presentation showcasing our intuitive interface can help shorten the time to actionable insights even for the most hardcore data wranglers out there.

We left Austin with a smile on our face — and stomachs full of Texas BBQ — after a fantastic week of emerging ourselves in the AI world. We look forward to all that’s coming our way and you should too. BigML has plenty to offer and we are adding new features to our platform everyday. Join us on February 11 for our 2015 Winter Release webinar and see what’s new!

If you haven’t yet experienced BigML, we’d like to remind you that you can try it for FREE with tasks under 16MB in development mode. If you would like to add capacity, keep in mind that we always offer plans for as low as $15/month with the 50% special discount for students, public researchers, or NGOs.

We look forward to circling back with all of you, and until then, keep predicting!

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