BigML Clusters in Action!

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After a few weeks in Beta, we’ve now released BigML Clusters in final form into the BigML interface and also as part of our Python bindings—many thanks to all of you who gave feedback on this important new piece of BigML functionality!

Curious to see what you can do with BigML clusters? Check out our archived webinar where Poul Petersen gives a high-level overview of clustering concepts in general, and then digs deeper to walk through several use cases ranging from grouping similar tasting whiskies (Item Discovery) to identifying high-value mobile gaming users (Customer Segmentation) to disease diagnoses (Active Learning). The webinar showcases how to leverage clusters both in the BigML interface, as well as through our underlying API via an iPython Notebook.

You can find the YouTube video here; the SlideShare presentation here, and the iPython notebook (from the Active Learning usecase) here.


Got more questions about clustering? Feel free to email us, or better yet, join one of our weekly Google Hangouts on Wednesday at 10:30 AM Pacific where we interact with BigML customers to answer all sorts of machine learning and predictive analytics questions.

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