Getting in touch with BigML: Webinar & User Survey

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As those of you who have emailed us in the past know, we at BigML are passionate about supporting our users in their machine learning efforts, and we’re also eager to learn more about what features and capabilities you’d like to see us roll into BigML in the future. In this vein, we’re happy to share two activities with you:  1) our semi-annual user survey, and 2) our first webinar.

questionnaire2The user survey will be open through the end of September, and provides you with a chance to give feedback on your experience with BigML, and also make suggestions on what else we can do to help you moving forward.  It’s very short (only 12 questions) and anyone who completes the survey will receive a free one-month Standard subscription.


On September 25 at 9AM PDT we will be holding a webinar which will use a customer churn use case to walk attendees through the full range of BigML’s capabilities – including several exciting new features that will be announced and released that day.  This webinar is great for new and experienced BigML users alike, and will be the first of several webinars that we’ll be holding in the months to come.  We also plan to have informal Google hangouts where users can bring questions to our development team and also get in-depth showcases of new features and capabilities.  Space is limited for the webinar, so be sure to register soon!

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