Giving Your Data the Machine Learning Treatment

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We’ve committed and recommitted ourselves at BigML to providing non-experts with a tool that allows them to do effective machine learning quickly. As we’ve worked towards this goal, we’ve heard from many people who want to do apply machine learning to their data, but just aren’t sure how to massage their problem into the standard machine learning format of data to model to prediction.  We’ve decided to create a series of videos that takes you from end to end in the machine learning process, using instructive examples along the way.


Here’s the first one, that shows how to go from data concept to BigML dataset.  We hope you find it useful in your own machine learning explorations!


  1. I am a ordinary IT / GIS Analyst, as I started to find out more about predictive modeling , I discovered you , BigML . I believe in your mission , make this very accessible/understandable to a person like me. If you are in Singapore/Asia , do give me a chance to meet you guys up.

    1. Thanks Andy! I don’t think we have anyone going to Asia anytime soon, but we’ll definitely keep you in mind if we’re ever in the area (I was in Beijing last year, so it certainly isn’t out of the question).

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