Big, Bigger, Biggest Machine Learning

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BigML provides Machine Learning services for “big data”.  But, “big” can mean different things to different people.  That’s why we have added new options for BigML credit purchases.  Using our simple pricing configuration tool, you can choose the right scale for your business needs.  Users can now easily plan for larger projects that require analyzing and training on terabytes of data.  Purchasing credits at these higher levels is significantly cheaper than purchasing at the lower levels, enabling BigML users to scale their project size exponentially, without causing an exponential increase in cost.

BigML credit sizes

With the scaling architecture and cost structure at BigML, our users can easily take advantage of Taylor’s “perfect use case for cloud computing” without ever leaving their browser.  Taylor’s article identifies the “sweet spot” for cloud-based predictive analytics as the effective acquisition, management and retention of customers.  Companies building such analytics systems from scratch would spend upwards of thousands of dollars, and take a large amount of time and expertise.   BigML’s service oriented architecture can get you started much faster, and for a tiny fraction of the cost of system built from scratch.

Access  your predictive models from everywhere with your iPad or iPhone or implement them in your own app through our API.  There’s no need for new hardware, no installation, no configuration, no licenses, no developing time… no reason not to try it.

Register for an invitation on our main page.  You will get access to our site as well as a number of free credits for training your first few models.