Price Tags: Clarity on Cost of Machine Learning

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At BigML we have a unique model for paying for analytics and predictions:  No licensing fees, no monthly subscriptions, just pay for what you use. If you are a small user, you pay very little. If you are a big user, you pay some more. If you only make a single predictive model and run thousands of predictions, you pay for predictions. If you do a lot of modeling, then that’s where your money goes. It sounds so logical that it makes you wonder why you have to pay monthly or annual fees for any service nowadays.

Most of the actions you do within BigML come free of charge with the service. We only charge for creating a dataset, creating a model, and making predictions. To make it perfectly clear what these actions are going to cost you, we have recently added price tags to our web interface.  So now, when you click “Create dataset”, you’ll see the number of credits it will take to create a dataset from this source. Likewise for “Create model”. The cost of these two actions is related to the size of the data involved. Predictions have a fixed price tag of 0.01 credit.

Example of a price tag

We want you to enjoy applying machine learning technology to your data, find valuable new insights and create exciting new applications. And all at a great value-for-money price.

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