Machine Learning in Action: Interactive Model Gallery

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In this blog we have been showing you pictures of our decision tree models. Looking at a picture of colored balls that are connected somehow doesn’t really do it. But when the model is actually clickable and interactive, it starts to make a lot more sense! The problem was that you had to be a registered user to get access to this great feature. Until now.

We have introduced a model gallery that is publicly accessible. It is populated with (sample) models that are just as clickable and interactive as if you were logged in! Now you can fully explore the great features of our decision trees. We have included some samples in a range of categories. For instance this Solar Energy Model. It predicts the output of a solar power system installed in Berkeley, CA (USA). (The data was compiled by Ph.D. candidate Alexandra Constantin and is available here.)

We’re working hard to make it possible for all our users to share their models, if they want to. This way you can incorporate them in a blog, link to them from a web site, or share them in your favorite social media. After all, it’s a waste if the rest of the world can’t enjoy the great stuff that you have created!

For now, if you think our Model Gallery is missing some great models and you have the data, talk to us at!

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