Machine Learning at Your Fingertips!

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BigML is now fully iPad enabled! You can access all of your datasets and models, and make predictions from anywhere you can bring your iPad.  I’m sure we all remember a recent past in which analyzing gigabytes of data or using predictive models meant you needed a very powerful machine or even a cluster of machines with loads of complex software.  With our iPad interface, you have the power of that cluster while sitting on your sofa, or waiting in line at your preferred coffee shop, with no extra software required.

One of the things that has made iPad support a lot easier is a decision we made early on to be “forward-focused” rather than “backward-focused”. What does this mean? Glad you asked!

Building something as useful as possible with limited resources means a lot of hard choices, and some of the hardest choices in the web development world involve browser support. Many of the best ideas in web development in the last few years are not completely compatible with every single browser. Technologies like HTML5 and SVG let you create beautiful in-browser graphics that were previously either impossible or required plugins.

So we had a choice:

  • Design something that we loved using great new technologies compatible with most modern browsers
  • Design something substandard with old technology for older browsers

We decided that we’re building a tool for the future, and so that’s where our focus was going to be. While we’re always trying to be compatible with more browsers, our main development efforts usually concentrate on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. So get your hands on a copy of Firefox (it’s free!) or an iPad. BigML is waiting for you!

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