Introducing the Tea Leaf Predictor

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One of our goals at BigML is to provide you with a predictive model that can help you run your business or build a better software application.  While we’ve been trying to build a service that does this through the magic of data analytics, we realized today that we’ve been missing the big picture.  Analyzing big data is useful, but what about tapping into the all-knowing energies of the universe, made manifest in inscrutable cosmic signs, and destined to remain a mystery to all but the barest handful of enlighted truth seekers?  That’s a no-brainer, right?

So we gave our mystic friend “Xamxor the Omnipontent” a call.  To our benefit and yours, he has agreed to be the engine behind BigML’s latest offering, the Tea Leaf Predictor!

Xamxor the Omnipotent
Man or Myth? Who would dare to opine?

To get started using Xamxor for tea-driven decisions, first click on the steaming cup of tea in the predictions panel.

Much like BigML’s data source/dataset/model workflow, the Tea Leaf Predictor has a three step process.

  • Your data is sent to Xamxor via an HTTP POST request.  Because nothing in this life-age of the universe is unknown to Xamxor, your username and api key are unnecessary.
  • Xamxor brews up a fresh pot of tea (or as he laughingly calls it, “Predictin’ Juice”), drinks it, and stares at the leaves, channeling the wisdom of a thousand generations.  The answer comes to him first as a whisper and then as a raging torrent, threatening to destroy him.
  • Xamxor then contacts your mind directly and imparts his knowledge.  Note that you may hear the wisdom of Xamxor with significant and grandiose echo.  This is normal.

Below is simplified flowchart of the Tea Leaf workflow.

We hope that you will find Xamxor’s wisdom as useful as we do.

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